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Do you qualify for occupational railroad disability benefits?

The Federal Rail Safety Act protects railroad workers in Connecticut and other states when they engage in certain legally protected activities, such as reporting a hazardous safety condition on the job. If you suffer an occupational injury that results in disability, as well as inability to perform your duties in the workplace, you may qualify for railroad disability benefits. As with most benefits programs, you must first meet certain conditions to show that you are entitled. 

Railroad disability benefits subject of Supreme Court ruling

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision is likely to impact some Connecticut railroad workers. The issue involved was litigated in two lower courts, and both of those court ruled in favor of workers regarding railroad disability benefits. However, the nation's highest court has since overturned those rulings.

Railroad disability benefits can help you make ends meet

If you're injured on the job at a Connecticut railroad company, you may have to take time off work during recovery. Depending on the severity of your injuries, this could mean days, weeks or even months. Many workers are unprepared to meet their daily living expenses when suffering from injuries that make them unable to return to the workplace. Railroad disability benefits are meant to provide temporary financial relief during such times.

Railroad disability benefits: What you should know before filing

The Railroad Retirement Act provides annuities to Connecticut railroad workers and those in other states who become occupationally or permanently disabled. There is no question that railroad work is among the most dangerous jobs in the nation. If a serious injury occurs that prevents you from being able to return to the workplace, railroad disability benefits can help provide for your family's needs.  

Do you qualify for railroad disability benefits?

Any number of situations might occur that would prevent you from being able to work. Perhaps you are suffering from a temporary or chronic illness. Maybe you are expecting a child and have been unable to report to your workplace duties because of morning sickness or other pregnancy-related issues. Railroad disability benefits are available to help Connecticut workers who are unable to work because of injury, illness or other health conditions or situations, such as pregnancy or childbirth.

Railroad disability benefits system often difficult to navigate

As a paid employee of a Connecticut railroad, you likely hope to enjoy a safe and long-lasting career. Since railroad work is among the most dangerous jobs in the nation, that may not always be possible, especially if an accident occurs that causes you injury. If you suffer any injury or illness that prevents you from being able to carry out your workplace duties, you may qualify for railroad disability benefits.  

Support available for those seeking railroad disability benefits

When a railroad worker in Connecticut suffers injury or illness on the job, he or she is sometimes able to return to the workplace after recuperating. During the period of recovery, it is often possible to obtain railroad disability benefits. These temporary benefits are meant to help workers make ends meet during time off while they're unable to carry out their duties on the job. 

Railroad disability benefits can help pay bills if you can't work

Whether you work on a Connecticut railroad as an engineer, conductor or lineman, or you have clerical position in an office, any number of problems may arise that render you incapable of carrying out your workplace duties. For instance, you may suffer an illness or injury on the job. Sometimes pregnancy complications or other health conditions can cause temporary disability among workers. Railroad disability benefits are meant to provide financial supplement to workers in such circumstances.

Need help navigating the railroad disability benefits process?

News stories over the past few years have often included horrific details of train accidents in various parts of the United States. Many such accidents involve passengers and/or pedestrians; others involve workers themselves. If a recovering injured railroad worker in Connecticut is unable to return to his or her particular workplace duties, he or she may be able to claim railroad disability benefits to help make ends meet in the meantime.