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When overnight track work leads to railroad accidents

Connecticut railroads and others have line workers whose job it is to maintain the tracks. Often, these workers report for duty at night or in other down times when trains are not active on the tracks where they're working. Some assignments, such as one that two workers were recently taking care of in another state, necessitate line workers entering tunnels, which sometimes leads to railroad accidents. In this particular instance, the two workers had no idea that a tragedy was about to occur.  

Behind-the-scene problems may lead to railroad accidents

Connecticut railroad workers, like all railroad employees in the nation, face certain inherent risks every day on the job. Some say there have been things going on behind the scenes of many railroad companies that have not only added to those risks but perhaps have led to an increase in railroad accidents. Two major factors with which railroad worker advocates are concerned are precision railroading and budget cuts.  

Railroad accidents and dangerous crossings often intersect

Many residents in a state outside of Connecticut are concerned about the recent re-opening of a railroad crossing. Crossings are often the scenes of railroad accidents, and some seem to be more dangerous than others. At the railroad crossing in question, there was a fatal accident back in February.  

Railroad accidents, FELA and negligence: What's the bottom line?

Anyone in Connecticut who has suffered injury in train crash understands how far reaching the devastation of such tragedies can be. Lives are often forever changed. Sometimes, the aftermaths of railroad accidents also include litigation as made evident by an unfolding situation in another state.  

Who oversees railroad safety in Connecticut?

The Federal Railroad Administration has a special department known as the "Office of Railroad Safety" that oversees rail system safety throughout the nation. It operates out of eight different regional sites around the country. The office employs 400 safety inspectors and administrators whose responsibilities include making sure railroad companies across the country, including in Connecticut, comply with various regulations and safety standards in order to lower the risk for railroad accidents.  

Would safety equipment have prevented railroad accidents?

Traveling by train or working on a Connecticut railroad is part of many residents' lifestyles. Sadly, several serious railroad accidents have taken place throughout the nation in recent months that have caused many passengers and workers to question whether immediate safety upgrades are needed and, perhaps, regulation changes implemented to avoid such disasters from happening in the future. Along a railroad line in another state, an astounding three crashes recently occurred on the same day.  

Overcoming recovery challenges after railroad accidents

Many Connecticut workers suffer catastrophic injuries on the job. Those who work in the railroad industry can experience spinal cord injuries, electrocution, serious burns and other disabling medical conditions as the result of railroad accidents. Such mishaps can occur in an instant, devastating lives when loved ones' on-the-job injuries are fatal or permanently disabling.  

Railroad accidents often impact whole communities

Any Connecticut worker who has ever been involved an on-the-job accident understands the long-lasting effects such incidents can have on those involved as well as on anyone who happened to witness the accident as it occurred. Where railroad accidents are concerned, sometimes, the noise of a crash can be heard for great distances. A couple in another state recently experienced the fright of such things when they heard an explosion while watching TV at home.

Taking needless chances can result in railroad accidents

When accidents involving trains occur in Connecticut or any other state, investigations are launched to answer specific questions. These questions try to determine who or what may have caused the incidents, as well as what can be done to prevent similar railroad accidents from occurring in the future. Many times, investigators determine that negligence was the underlying factor in a particular train wreck. In fact, that's what they are saying about a recent crash between a train and a truck.

Poor lighting may increase chances for railroad accidents

For Connecticut railway workers and passengers alike, there are always risks involved with train travel. Several serious railroad accidents have occurred in recent years, including a tragedy in another state on a recent Sunday. Sadly, two railroad workers died in the incident and as many as 100 other people suffered injuries.