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Train yards are high-risk areas for railroad worker injuries

Working on a Connecticut railroad is definitely not without its risks. In fact, railroad work is considered one of the most dangerous types of jobs in the United States. Certain job duties pose a higher risk for railroad worker injuries than others. A desk job is undoubtedly safer than working as a conductor or lineman.

For instance, on-the-job accidents often take place in train yards. These are busy places, and moving rail cars from one location to another can be quite dangerous. A recent tragedy occurred in another state that resulted in a worker's death.

Local police were called to the train yard after the accident occurred. They said they have no reason to believe any sort of foul play took place. It was a tragic accident when one of the workers somehow became trapped between two train cars. The exact details of how the man became trapped were not yet known, only that the 27-year-old was helping to move cars when something went wrong.

Investigations regarding fatal railroad worker injuries can take weeks or months to complete. Investigators may speak with witnesses, co-workers of the victim, as well as employers, the latter of whom is obligated to provide proper training and safety equipment to reduce the chance of injuries on the job. The Federal Employers Liability Act governs all aspects of post-accident reports and litigation, which often occurs if an injured Connecticut worker or immediate family member of a deceased worker believes an employer's negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident. A personal injury attorney with railroad litigation experience can provide guidance and support to injured workers or families of those who have died in workplace accidents.

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