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May 2019 Archives

Train yards are high-risk areas for railroad worker injuries

Working on a Connecticut railroad is definitely not without its risks. In fact, railroad work is considered one of the most dangerous types of jobs in the United States. Certain job duties pose a higher risk for railroad worker injuries than others. A desk job is undoubtedly safer than working as a conductor or lineman.

Do you qualify for occupational railroad disability benefits?

The Federal Rail Safety Act protects railroad workers in Connecticut and other states when they engage in certain legally protected activities, such as reporting a hazardous safety condition on the job. If you suffer an occupational injury that results in disability, as well as inability to perform your duties in the workplace, you may qualify for railroad disability benefits. As with most benefits programs, you must first meet certain conditions to show that you are entitled. 

Million dollar update on railroad worker injuries case

Although workplace discrimination is illegal, many Connecticut railroad employees still worry about possibly losing their jobs if they were to report an injury or call out an employer regarding unfair treatment in the workplace. A conductor who suffered severe railroad worker injuries in an incident in another state told the court he was blacklisted by the company for reporting his injuries. His case was recently updated when a judge ordered an additional $1 million to be paid beyond the $2.1 million he was awarded in a jury trial last year.

Fatal railroad worker injuries prompt investigation

Duties on a Connecticut railroad sometimes include relocating rail cars from one section of tracks to another. Any type of work that takes place directly on railroad tracks can be dangerous. That is why railroad employers are obligated to provide proper training to help keep their workers as safe as possible. If railroad worker injuries occur because of employer negligence, the Federal Employers Liability Act enables an injured worker to file a personal injury claim in court.