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Railroad worker injuries: When legal issues arise during recovery

Working on a Connecticut railroad is often demanding, tiring and dangerous. Railroad worker injuries can occur at any time. Some injuries are the result of sudden, unexpected accidents, while others develop slowly, over time, due to the type of work a particular employee must carry out on a daily basis.

Such situations often involve repetitive strain injuries. This can cause partial or full disability that may even prevent a worker from being able to return to his or her duties. In fact, the most serious cases may impede a person's ability to ever work again, not just in the railroad industry but anywhere.

Railroad workers are at particular risk for sudden-accident injuries, as well. Such injuries often include severe burns, back or neck problems, loss of limbs or, even, death. The Federal Employers Liability Act enables injured workers or their immediate family members to seek financial recovery for damages suffered when accidents are caused by employer negligence. All railroad employers are legally obligated to provide proper training and all available safety equipment to help their workers stay as safe as possible on the job.

Connecticut railroad employers are not obligated to purchase workers' compensation insurance. All  railroad worker injuries are covered under the FELA. Obtaining benefits or filing a personal injury claim can be a stressful process. Cahill & Perry, P.C., Attorneys at Law are committed to helping injured railroad workers and their families get the maximum benefits and financial recovery to which they may be entitled when negligence is a causal factor in a workplace injury or fatality.

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