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Railroad accidents involving passengers prompt investigations

When a passenger on a Connecticut train is injured during travel, there are often a lot of questions that need answered. When passenger-related railroad accidents occur in this state or any other, it typically prompts official investigations that may last weeks or even months. A disturbing video has led to such an investigation in another state after a woman suffered injuries that occurred as she was exiting a train.

The woman reportedly got her hand stuck in a door while she was getting off the train. The train began to move, and she was dragged on the tracks underneath the train. The woman can apparently be seen talking to a railroad employee on the surveillance video a few moments before the horrific accident occurred.

Witnesses say the woman was trying to keep up with the train as she was being dragged. One witness said it appeared the engineer had no clue what was happening, even though people were shouting and banging on the train car, trying to get him to stop. A railroad official who was interviewed after the accident said it happened on a new train and the doors were tested for six months before the locomotive was put into use on the tracks.

Connecticut railroad accidents involving pedestrians, train passengers or railroad employees often lead to litigation. If the court determines that railroad officials were negligent in their duties to keep their workers or passengers safe, a judge overseeing a particular case may award compensation for damages to a plaintiff. In such cases, the plaintiff is tasked with proving that negligence occurred and that it directly caused an accident victim's injuries.

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