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April 2019 Archives

Railroad accidents involving passengers prompt investigations

When a passenger on a Connecticut train is injured during travel, there are often a lot of questions that need answered. When passenger-related railroad accidents occur in this state or any other, it typically prompts official investigations that may last weeks or even months. A disturbing video has led to such an investigation in another state after a woman suffered injuries that occurred as she was exiting a train.

Connecticut railroad tracks may be placing you at risk

Whether you've been working on a Connecticut railroad for decades or just recently started a new job, there are certain issues that may place you at risk for injury. Your employer can help reduce that risk and, in fact, is legally obligated to provide proper training and safety equipment to help you and your co-workers stay safe.

Railroad worker injuries: When legal issues arise during recovery

Working on a Connecticut railroad is often demanding, tiring and dangerous. Railroad worker injuries can occur at any time. Some injuries are the result of sudden, unexpected accidents, while others develop slowly, over time, due to the type of work a particular employee must carry out on a daily basis.

1 train, 2 railroad accidents on the same day

Connecticut readers may recall an Amtrak collision that involved multiple members of the United States Congress in 2018. This week's headlines tell of another collision that occurred on the same line of tracks. In fact, for the first time in the Buckingham Branch company's 30-year history (a railroad owned by CSX), a single train was involved in two separate crashes on the same day.