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Strong support necessary for railroad worker injuries

In Connecticut and across the country, working on a railroad is dangerous. Any number of issues can arise on any given day that could result in serious railroad worker injuries. If such an incident occurs, it is critical that an injured worker know where to seek emotional, medical, financial and legal support in the weeks and months following the accident.

Many of the injuries that occur in railroad accidents are quite severe, such as electrocution, burns, traumatic brain injuries or loss of limbs. If you survive these types of injuries, chances are, your ability to independently function during the normal course of daily life might be significantly limited. Such injuries often result in partial or full, temporary or permanent disability. 

Thankfully, there are many companies nowadays that provide specialized in-home care to recovering accident victims. In addition to licensed care providers, your loved ones and medical team may also play crucial roles in helping you achieve as full a recovery as possible. If you are considering litigation regarding your injuries, you may also want to speak with an attorney who is well-versed in the Federal Employers Liability Act.

The FELA is the legal portal through which all claims regarding railroad worker injuries must pass. In contrast to workers' compensation, the FELA allows an injured worker to seek legal accountability against an employer whose negligence directly caused an injury-resulting accident to occur. Cahill & Perry, P.C., Attorneys at Law, are committed to supporting Connecticut railroad workers and their families in all legal matters concerning workplace injuries.

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