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March 2019 Archives

Strong support necessary for railroad worker injuries

In Connecticut and across the country, working on a railroad is dangerous. Any number of issues can arise on any given day that could result in serious railroad worker injuries. If such an incident occurs, it is critical that an injured worker know where to seek emotional, medical, financial and legal support in the weeks and months following the accident.

Railroad accidents: When passengers are severely injured

Trains are a common mode of transportation in Connecticut. Many people use them to commute to and from work. Railroad companies are obligated to provide proper training and equipment to keep workers and passengers safe. When railroad accidents occur and passengers are hurt, investigators must determine whether negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident.

Two fatal injuries in separate accidents involving same railroad

If you've been an employee for a Connecticut railroad for some time, you likely have a keen understanding of how dangerous crossroads can be. Whether you're a conductor, engineer or line worker, you no doubt have heard stories or experienced situations where train workers or other travelers or pedestrians were at risk, or perhaps, even injured in a railway collision.

Railroad disability benefits subject of Supreme Court ruling

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision is likely to impact some Connecticut railroad workers. The issue involved was litigated in two lower courts, and both of those court ruled in favor of workers regarding railroad disability benefits. However, the nation's highest court has since overturned those rulings.

Connecticut railroad accidents: Focusing on recovery

Many Connecticut railroad workers and their families have been devastated in the aftermath of serious train collisions. Railroad accidents often make national news headlines because they are so disastrous, often resulting in fatalities. Many of those who survive endure long, arduous recoveries.

Railroad accidents often caused by negligent vehicle drivers

If a Connecticut train is moving along the tracks and a negligent driver is nearby, it could possibly lead to disaster. Railroad accidents often occur when cars try to beat a train at a crossroads. In such situations, if employees of the railroad were to be injured, they would typically file claims to collect benefits under the Federal Employers Liability Act. This is the system that provides injury benefits to workers and also allows workers to sue their employers if they believe they are liable for their injuries.