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Railroad accident in another state prompts evidence challenge

When a Connecticut locomotive and commercial vehicle collide, it often results in fatality or serious injury to workers, passengers or vehicle occupants. Such situations often lead to criminal charges, personal injury litigation or both. A railroad accident that occurred in another state involved congressional members of the Republican party, and an attorney acting on behalf of the man who was deemed liable for the incident is challenging the state's evidence against his client.

The fatal collision occurred in 2018. Republican lawmakers were traveling on an Amtrak train on their way to a retreat. A garbage truck collided with the train, and police at the scene obtained a warrant to order that the truck driver undergo a blood test to check his blood alcohol content.

His attorney has requested a Frank's Hearing, a process used to determine whether a police officer has secured a warrant under false pretenses. In this case, the truck driver's wife reportedly said something to a police officer shortly after the crash. The officer may have used the woman's statement to help him secure the warrant, which ultimately led to manslaughter and drunk driving charges against her husband.

This particular railroad accident resulted in the death of the truck driver's co-worker as well as injuries to several other people. Any injured railroad worker or passenger is afforded the opportunity to file a personal injury claim if he or she believes another party's negligence was responsible for his or her injuries. A Connecticut attorney with railroad litigation experience would be a great asset to someone wishing to explore claim options regarding a train crash in this state.

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