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February 2019 Archives

Family being notified of fatal railroad worker injuries

When accidents happen along Connecticut railroads, the National Transportation Safety Board typically launches investigations. During preliminary investigations, there are often a lot more questions than answers regarding how railroad worker injuries might have occurred and what or who may have caused a particular incident to occur. The name of a man in another state was recently withheld from the media until his family members were notified of his death.

Outdoor work hazards that may affect Connecticut railroad workers

As a Connecticut railroad employee, you might enjoy working outdoors. In fact, your love of nature, coupled with your love of trains may have been a significant factor toward your career choice. Perhaps you spend hours in a train yard or work on a maintenance crew that checks and repairs sections of track. Even if you carry out your primary duties inside a locomotive, you may have to navigate the outdoors on a regular basis during an average workday, as well. 

Railroad disability benefits can help you make ends meet

If you're injured on the job at a Connecticut railroad company, you may have to take time off work during recovery. Depending on the severity of your injuries, this could mean days, weeks or even months. Many workers are unprepared to meet their daily living expenses when suffering from injuries that make them unable to return to the workplace. Railroad disability benefits are meant to provide temporary financial relief during such times.

Railroad accident sends conductor to the hospital with injuries

If a Connecticut railroad worker is injured on the job, the Federal Employers Liability Act enables the employee to file a personal injury claim if employer negligence was a causal factor in the incident. A railroad accident recently occurred that landed a conductor of a railroad in another state in the hospital. Rescue workers who were dispatched to the scene came upon a situation that necessitated use of hydraulic rescue tools.

Railroad accident in another state prompts evidence challenge

When a Connecticut locomotive and commercial vehicle collide, it often results in fatality or serious injury to workers, passengers or vehicle occupants. Such situations often lead to criminal charges, personal injury litigation or both. A railroad accident that occurred in another state involved congressional members of the Republican party, and an attorney acting on behalf of the man who was deemed liable for the incident is challenging the state's evidence against his client.