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Railroad worker injuries led to $3.5 million jury verdict

Connecticut railroad workers often find themselves at risk for injury as they carry out their duties in the normal course of a workday. Railroad worker injuries often lead to litigation if an injured worker believes employer negligence was responsible for the incident. Sometimes, the worker may also be deemed partially responsible as was the case with a recent jury verdict in another state.

The situation involved a man who is still currently employed with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, the largest freight line in North America. In 2014, the worker was involved in a terrible accident when a rail car ran over his foot. His injuries were so severe that doctors had to amputate his leg below the knee.

The following year, the worker had recovered enough to return to his duties on the railroad and apparently plans to continue working as long as he is able. A jury trial resulted in a $7.1 million verdict against BNSF. However, the jury also deemed the worker himself, partially responsible for his own injuries; therefore, the verdict amount was reduced by 50 percent.

Railroad worker injuries are often fatal or catastrophic, such as in this case where the man lost part of a limb and suffered permanent disability. Connecticut workers who wish to pursue similar litigation in the aftermath of railway accidents or other on-the-job incidents may be entitled to do so under the Federal Employers Liability Act. A logical first step to take before filing such a claim is to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in FELA claims.

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