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Railroad worker injuries prompt litigation in another state

Connecticut railroad workers aren't always riding trains as they carry out the normal course of duty in the workplace. For instance, a man employed as a conductor for Union Pacific Railroad in another state was traveling on a bus that was being transported by the company. An accident occurred that resulted in railroad worker injuries.  

Thankfully, the conductor survived the accident. However, he says the driver fell asleep at the wheel of the bus, causing the vehicle he was riding in to crash into a nearby fence. The worker has filed a lawsuit against his employer and the company that hired the driver, stating that both companies failed to enforce safety policies. The man's claim also states that the defendants did not properly train, supervise or hire personnel.  

As is often the case in railroad accidents, the injured worker has requested a trial by jury. He is seeking compensation of more than $1 million plus any additional relief to which he may be entitled. The question the jury will now have to answer is whether or not the railroad company or the driver's employer should be held legally accountable for negligence because the driver fell asleep on the job.  

Any Connecticut employee who suffers railroad worker injuries on the job may want to consider discussing his or her situation with an experienced litigation attorney, preferably one who is well-versed in the Federal Employers Liability Act. The FELA protects injured railroad workers by allowing them to file legal claims when employer negligence is believed to have caused their injuries. It can be a complicated process, which is why most accident victims choose to rely on experienced legal representation in court.   

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