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New system may reduce railroad accidents in Connecticut

Changes in the Connecticut railroad system are supposed to be completed before 2018 ends. Such changes will hopefully help reduce the number of railroad accidents, particularly on passenger trains throughout the state. The Federal Railroad Administration has demanded that the new safety requirements be met by Dec. 31.

The FRA expects all three passenger rail lines in the state to comply with orders to install positive train control systems. These systems may help avoid derailments and other serious accidents, especially regarding excessive speed or other problem factors. Positive train systems are set to automatically stop a moving train as needed.

In recent years, there have been numerous derailments and collisions in the United States that might not have occurred had the locomotives in question been equipped with positive train control systems. Such collisions often result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities to railroad workers, passengers or others. The FRA believes that the addition of positive train control can supplement other features and protocol to help improve railroad safety for workers and travelers alike.

When railroad accidents occur that cause injuries to railroad employees, they are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act to claim benefits to help cover medical expenses or other costs associated with their situations. The FELA also enables injured workers to file personal injury claims against their employers, if employer negligence was a causal factor to their injuries. A Connecticut attorney with experience in railroad litigation can be a great source of support in the aftermath of an on-the-job accident.

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