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Railroad worker injuries sometimes lead to jury verdicts

When a Connecticut railroad employee suffers injury on the job, he or she is responsible for reporting the incident to the employer. Unfortunately, some railroad worker injuries lead to contention between workers and employers, as made evident in one man's situation in another state. This man was injured during the normal course of his duties in 2015 and claims that his boss fired him after he reported his injury. 

Not only did the man lose his job, but he says he was also blacklisted in the industry. The incident that led to this reported discrimination occurred when the worker was trying to exit a train. He told his employer that he suffered serious damage to his arm and wrist when the train door's latch got stuck while he was trying to open it.  

At the time, he carried out some further work duties before trying to re-enter the locomotive. When he did so, he was thrown back as soon as he tried to use the hand that had been injured; he also reported hearing a loud popping sound when he first hurt his wrist. The situation resulted in a jury trial, which ended in the man's favor with a verdict of $2.17 million.  

As sometimes happens in cases of railroad worker injuries, the worker himself was found partially negligent for his own injury. However, the railroad company was found 75 percent negligent. Any Connecticut worker facing similar employer-related problems regarding an on-the-job injury may reach out for legal support as the first opportunity. 

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