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Lives often hang in the balance following railroad accidents

Many Connecticut residents live in neighborhoods that are close to railroad tracks. When railroad accidents occur, it often affects people beyond those directly involved. A couple in another state who are in their 70s were at home together when their whole house shook, accompanied by a loud noise. The man said it sounded like something had actually hit their house, which prompted them to outside to see what was going on.

It was later reported that the loud noise had come from an explosion that occurred on nearby railroad tracks. There were workers on the tracks at the time, two of whom were spot welding. Officials who commented on the incident said this type of task is quite common on the railroad. Spot welding involves using torches to make needed repairs along railroad tracks.

Sadly, one of the two workers later died from the injuries he suffered in the explosion. The other man was listed in critical condition when he was transported to the hospital. Thankfully, no other injuries occurred even though there were other employees in the vicinity when the accident took place.

As is often the case in Connecticut railroad accidents, there are currently more questions than answers regarding what exactly caused the deadly mishap that occurred at 11:45 a.m. on a recent Saturday in Illinois. One spokesperson said the area had been properly secured and that the public was not in any kind of immediate danger. Situations like this often lead to litigation, especially when employer negligence is determined to be a key factor.

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