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Railroad disability benefits: What you should know before filing

The Railroad Retirement Act provides annuities to Connecticut railroad workers and those in other states who become occupationally or permanently disabled. There is no question that railroad work is among the most dangerous jobs in the nation. If a serious injury occurs that prevents you from being able to return to the workplace, railroad disability benefits can help provide for your family's needs.  

In order to qualify for benefits, you must satisfy the requirements for the number of consecutive years you have worked on the railroad. There are differences between the eligibility factors for permanent disability and occupational disability, such as age requirements for those collecting benefits. You may be considered permanently disabled if your mental or physical health condition renders you to be incapable of performing any type of gainful work.  

Railroad disability benefits are typically issued on a bi-weekly basis. You are considered ineligible if you receiving any type of wage or income from your railroad employer when you file your claim. You'll also need to get signed statements from your doctor to substantiate your claim that you are unable to work.  

Cahill & Perry, P.C., Attorneys at Law, are fully committed to helping Connecticut railroad workers overcome any and obstacles that arise when they seek railroad disability benefits due to incapacity that makes them unable to earn income. If you have questions about the Railroad Retirement Act or some other aspect of the claims process, you may request a meeting with our experienced legal team. Whether you are temporarily or permanently unable to work, we can provide guidance and strong support to help you get the benefits you need to make ends meet. 

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