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Railroad accidents often involve automobiles and crossroads

Most Connecticut railroad work is associated with inherent risk for personal injury. Some railroad duties are no doubt more dangerous than others. Workers who are particularly at risk for injury include those who work directly on locomotives or tracks, such as engineers, conductors or linemen. When railroad accidents occur, automobiles, pedestrians and crossroads are often pertinent factors.     

A recent incident in another state resulted in crossroads being shut down at the scene and in surrounding areas. The shut-down is to remain in place until further notice from officials. The cross section where the accident occurred was secured, meaning there were lights or signs to regulate train and automobile travel.  

Preliminary investigations show that a car failed to obey a traffic light at the crossroad. A westbound train was reportedly unable to stop in time and crashed into the side of the car. The train in question was part of the Union Pacific railway system, and the driver of the car was from Texas.

The driver of the automobile was listed in critical condition when rescue workers transported him to an area hospital for emergency treatment of his injuries. Railroad accidents like this one often prompt extensive investigation due to many unanswered questions, such as whether or not railroad officials were in any way negligent leading up to the collision. Connecticut railroad employees are at great risk for injury in such incidents and may find it necessary to consult with an attorney experienced in the Federal Employers Liability Act if they plan to file claims during recovery.                                                                                                                              

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