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Railroad accidents especially tragic when workers die

A railroad company in another state is grieving the loss of two of its employees. Connecticut railroad accidents that result in injury or fatality to workers are always tragic as well. On a recent Thursday evening, just shy of 8 p.m., lives were forever changed when a terrible crash occurred.  

Two men who were both veteran railroad workers were traveling on the same locomotive. Their train was heading in an eastbound direction. There was reportedly a parked train on the same line of tracks. The train with the two men on board slammed into the parked vehicle. There were two people in the engine of the parked train, but they were able to escape serious injury by exiting their positions before the collision took place.

No information was provided as to why the first train was unable to stop in time to avoid a crash. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently conducting an investigation regarding what exactly caused the moving train to rear-end the other locomotive on the tracks. In the meantime, Union Pacific railroad officials released a public statement, expressing their deep sorrow in having to report two employee fatalities in the incident.  

One of the two men who died was initially reported missing after the accident. Sadly, his body was found two days later. Investigations that follow railroad accidents often take weeks or months to conclude. In the meantime, Connecticut families of decedents or victims who survive their injuries may wish to reach out for legal support, in case litigation is later pursued.                                                                                           

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