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October 2018 Archives

Railroad worker injuries and the Federal Employers Liability Act

Working on a Connecticut railroad definitely involves high risk for injury. However, railroad employers are obligated to provide their employees with proper training and equipment to help them stay safe on the job. When railroad worker injuries occur, it often means that the injured employee must take time off work to recover. This is where the Federal Employers Liability Act comes in.

Improperly secured stock cars can cause railroad accidents

Do you know that .2 horsepower per ton is all it takes to move a railcar? If you calculate that the average weight of an empty railcar is approximately 30 tons, you can figure that a mere six horsepower is all you need to move it. If you have been in the railroad business a long time, you may already be aware that many railroad accidents occur because of unsecured rolling stock.  

Some say funding following railroad accidents has come too late

The sister of a worker who was killed in another state when a train hit him says she plans to tell her mother that funding is set to be provided to install signals at the intersection where her brother died. The tragedy occurred in 2017. Sadly, it was not the first death on that particular section of tracks. At least four other railroad accidents in the same area had similar outcomes. Connecticut railroad workers and many residents are also concerned with safety at railroad crossings. 

Railroad disability benefits: What you should know before filing

The Railroad Retirement Act provides annuities to Connecticut railroad workers and those in other states who become occupationally or permanently disabled. There is no question that railroad work is among the most dangerous jobs in the nation. If a serious injury occurs that prevents you from being able to return to the workplace, railroad disability benefits can help provide for your family's needs.  

Railroad accidents especially tragic when workers die

A railroad company in another state is grieving the loss of two of its employees. Connecticut railroad accidents that result in injury or fatality to workers are always tragic as well. On a recent Thursday evening, just shy of 8 p.m., lives were forever changed when a terrible crash occurred.  

Railroad accidents often involve automobiles and crossroads

Most Connecticut railroad work is associated with inherent risk for personal injury. Some railroad duties are no doubt more dangerous than others. Workers who are particularly at risk for injury include those who work directly on locomotives or tracks, such as engineers, conductors or linemen. When railroad accidents occur, automobiles, pedestrians and crossroads are often pertinent factors.