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Who is liable for railroad worker injuries?

Connecticut railroad employers are obligated to provide proper training and equipment necessary to keep their workers safe. When railroad worker injuries occur on the job, employer negligence is often to blame. A recovering worker in another state believes his employer should be held legally accountable for the injuries he suffered during one of his shifts.

The man was reportedly entering the cab of a locomotive when an accident occurred that caused him neck, back and other injuries. In a claim he has filed against his employer, the man stated that the cab of the train was missing its floor. When he stepped in to carry out his workplace duties, he fell through the hole.

The worker's claim accuses railroad officials of failing in their duty to conduct proper maintenance and repair on the company's trains, thereby placing him and his fellow workers in harm's way. It is logical to assume that a missing floor should be seen as an urgently needed repair. It is also reasonable to expect employers to shut off access to a particular locomotive unless and until such repairs are made.

Railroad worker injuries may render those afflicted unable to return to their workplaces. In this particular case, the injured worker is seeking no less than $1 million, plus any additional monetary relief to which he may be entitled. Most injured workers in Connecticut and elsewhere rely on experienced personal injury attorneys to help them determine the maximum amount of compensation that may be available in a specific case.  

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