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Do you qualify for railroad disability benefits?

Any number of situations might occur that would prevent you from being able to work. Perhaps you are suffering from a temporary or chronic illness. Maybe you are expecting a child and have been unable to report to your workplace duties because of morning sickness or other pregnancy-related issues. Railroad disability benefits are available to help Connecticut workers who are unable to work because of injury, illness or other health conditions or situations, such as pregnancy or childbirth.

To be eligible for disability benefits, you must fall under one of the accepted categories. You also cannot receive any income from your employer at the time you apply for benefits. If you're currently receiving insurance payments of some kind, that should not keep you from qualifying for railroad disability benefits.

If illness is the reason you need benefits, you'll want to ask your physician to attest to your condition in writing. There is a time limit from the day you become ill, suffer injury or receive a diagnosis to the time you file your application. While it is possible to file late and still get benefits, they may be delayed or decreased.

To receive maximum benefits as swiftly as possible, you'll want to file your application within 10 days. Railroad disability benefits constitute a lien if you are also receiving compensation from a personal injury claim against your Connecticut railroad employer. Cahill & Perry, P.C., Attorneys at Law can answer your questions and provide support for all aspects concerning benefits or Federal Employers Liability Act claims.

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