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Railroad accidents often prompt safety questions

The Connecticut railroad system and all others in the nation are overseen by strict regulations and protocol. Especially regarding railroad accidents, employers and workers must adhere to these regulations when reporting mishaps, injuries or fatalities that occur on the tracks. If railroad administrators fail in their duties to keep their workers safe, they may be subject to personal injury lawsuits under the Federal Employers Liability Act.

A recent tragedy appears to have occurred in a train yard of another state. The situation has prompted many questions, but so far, preliminary investigations have not yielded many answers. A worker suffered fatal injuries in the incident.

The tragedy occurred on a recent Monday morning. Not much is known yet as to what exactly caused a train to hit and kill a worker. He was reportedly working on switch operations at the time on a rail line operated by Northeastern Railroad and Dallas Garland. Investigators are currently viewing the situation as an accident.

Further investigation is needed before conclusive answers can be given. Connecticut railroad accidents that result in injury or death are typically investigated by local authorities and the National Transportation Safety Board. An experienced train law attorney can be a great asset to injured workers or families of those who suffer fatalities in railroad incidents. If it is determined that employer negligence was a causal factor in a worker's injury or death, a legal claim may be filed through the FELA process in order to seek compensation for damages that occurred.

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