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How safe is your Connecticut train yard?

Working on a Connecticut railroad may be something you enjoy. In fact, you might be one of many railroad workers who come from a long line of family members dedicated to this type of work. While railroad officials have made many safety improvements through the years, most analysts still consider railroad work among the most dangerous types of jobs in the nation.  

If you work at a ticket booth, you are undoubtedly not at risk for injury as much as a line worker or engineer might be. Some sections of track are high risk areas, such as train yards. If you try to be proactive and adhere to all regulations, you lower your risk for train yard injuries. Sometimes, another party's negligence can place you in harm's way. If you suffer injury, it is critical that you understand the Federal Employers Liability Act process and know where to access support.  

Tracks that curve are especially dangerous 

There are often workers walking near or on the tracks in train yards. Although every railroad employee is obligated to follow safety rules, when tracks leading into train yards curve, it creates blind spots where it can be nearly impossible to see if there is a person, vehicle or debris near or on the tracks.  

Communication breakdowns 

Today's railway systems rely heavily on advanced technology, which has indeed helped improve worker safety. However, if your co-worker or another railroad official fails to send proper communication at the right time, it can place your life and those around you at risk, especially if you are an engineer or line worker.  

When train yard accidents occur 

When negligence is a factor in a train yard accident, you can seek justice. Unlike workers in other industries who claim benefits through the workers' compensation program, as a railroad worker, you are able to file a personal injury claim if your employer's negligence was directly responsible for the injuries you suffered.

As with all injuries that occur during the normal course of duty on a Connecticut railroad, you would obtain medical attention and report a train yard injury to your employer and address any and all legal issues associated with the incident through the FELA process. If you have never accessed the FELA before, it may be helpful to seek guidance from someone well versed in the system. 

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