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Connecticut train yards high risk areas for railroad accidents

Railroad yards in Connecticut and elsewhere are dangerous places. Some track areas are more dangerous than others and are often scenes of railroad accidents. A recent tragedy in another state involved a train that was being maneuvered into a railroad yard and a worker who was on duty there at the time. 

According to a witness that has been assisting investigators regarding the recent incident, the worker at the railroad yard had been communicating by radio with the witness all night long while they worked their shifts. Early Monday morning, the worker stopped responding to the co-worker's radio communication, which raised concerns. The co-worker went to the station where the man was working to check on him and came upon the scene where a terrible accident had apparently occurred.

The co-worker immediately contacted 911 services. The emergency call brought rescuers and investigators to the tragic scene. Sadly, the injured railroad worker was pronounced dead at the site of the accident. There are far more questions than answers at this time regarding exactly how the worker became trapped under the wheel of the train car. 

Investigations that are activated following Connecticut railroad accidents often take weeks or months to complete. Those involved do their best to compile conclusive evidence to answer questions, such as what or who may have caused a particular incident and whether negligence was a factor. If it was, injured workers or spouses of deceased victims can reach out for support regarding the Federal Employers Liability Act claims process.  

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