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Railroad worker injuries often leave questions left unanswered

Connecticut railroads and others throughout the nation are known to be dangerous in many respects, especially for workers. When tragedies occur that result in railroad worker injuries, investigators often have their work cut out in trying to determine the exact cause of a particular incident. Some duties on the railroad pose a particular risk for injury, such as loading docks.  

It was while a train was being loaded with silica and sand when a recent accident took place. A 42-year-old man was on duty at the time when, for some unknown reason, two cargo cars became detached from the rest of the train. Both cars reportedly derailed, resulting in the man's serious injuries.  

An emergency AirLife helicopter was dispatched to the scene. Responders rushed to the man's aid, transporting him to a nearby hospital. Sadly, however, he later died. Officials have not said what might have caused the cargo cars to leave the tracks. They also have not announced the man's exact cause of death.  

Investigations following Connecticut railroad worker injuries, especially those that are fatal, can take months. Victims who survive train accidents, as well as immediate family members of those who do not, may wish to seek experienced guidance regarding the Federal Employers Liability Act. All railroads operate under the FELA system to provide benefits to injured workers and their families. The system also allows personal injury claims to be filed against negligent employers when such negligence is believed to have been a cause of a worker's injuries or death.  

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