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Connecticut railroad worker injuries leave questions unanswered

A Connecticut state representative publicly expressed his frustration recently, following a train collision. Several railroad worker injuries occurred, and the senator seemed to suggest that he was upset at the way the railroad company tried to downplay the issue. The situation has raised questions regarding railroad safety in this state.  

Two locomotives were reportedly pulling trains on the same track when the accident occurred on a recent Thursday. The trains were approaching Bridgeport's Harbor Yard when one of them somehow collided with the other from behind. There were six railroad employees aboard one of the trains at the time. 

Three of the workers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. One of them had to spend the night in the hospital. A railroad spokesperson said that Positive Train Control (an advanced system being installed at Metro-North railroad) would not have prevented the collision. The senator who spoke adamantly stated that trains are not supposed to crash into each other, and something needs to be done to prevent such incidents from occurring again in the future.  

Even minor railroad worker injuries can have long-lasting negative effects on workers' lives, especially if they must take time off work during recovery. There is a system in place under the Federal Employers Liability Act that allows injured railroad workers to file personal injury claims against their employers if employer negligence is determined to have been a leading factor in their accidents. Post-accident train investigations often take weeks or months; injured workers in Connecticut with questions regarding the FELA may reach out for legal support during or after such investigations. 

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