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July 2018 Archives

Railroad accidents: Danger increases in populated areas

There are tens of thousands of miles of railroad track interconnected throughout the United States, including numerous rail systems that run through Connecticut. Every time a passenger or freight train runs along a track, workers on board and all others in the vicinity are at risk for injury. Railroad accidents that occur in downtown, populated areas are especially dangerous. 

Connecticut railroad workers don't want to be added to this list

Connecticut railroad employees face many challenges and risks on the job. Maybe you went to work for the railroad right out of high school, following a long line of family ancestry in the industry, or perhaps you came to your job later in life, after you were already married and raising a family. Either way, when you step off a platform, onto a train, you are at risk for injury. Your employer hopefully provided required training and safety equipment to lower your risk.

Connecticut railroad worker injuries leave questions unanswered

A Connecticut state representative publicly expressed his frustration recently, following a train collision. Several railroad worker injuries occurred, and the senator seemed to suggest that he was upset at the way the railroad company tried to downplay the issue. The situation has raised questions regarding railroad safety in this state.  

Contentious situation arises after railroad worker injuries

Connecticut railroad employees address issues related to workplace accidents through a system that operates under rules according to the Federal Employers Liability Act. FELA is a system designed to help those who suffer railroad worker injuries to seek full recovery for their losses, as opposed to workers' compensation programs that do not allow workers to file personal injury claims against their employers. A man in another state is currently involved in a legal battle against both his railroad employer and his union representatives.  

Railroad worker injuries often leave questions left unanswered

Connecticut railroads and others throughout the nation are known to be dangerous in many respects, especially for workers. When tragedies occur that result in railroad worker injuries, investigators often have their work cut out in trying to determine the exact cause of a particular incident. Some duties on the railroad pose a particular risk for injury, such as loading docks.  

When overnight track work leads to railroad accidents

Connecticut railroads and others have line workers whose job it is to maintain the tracks. Often, these workers report for duty at night or in other down times when trains are not active on the tracks where they're working. Some assignments, such as one that two workers were recently taking care of in another state, necessitate line workers entering tunnels, which sometimes leads to railroad accidents. In this particular instance, the two workers had no idea that a tragedy was about to occur.