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Railroad worker injuries: Know where to seek support

What do the terms electrocution, spinal injuries, asbestos-related cancer and wrongful death have in common? Sadly, each of these phrases refers to tragedies often experienced in the railroad industry in Connecticut and beyond. Railroad worker injuries continue to occur regardless of how many updates or changes are made in safety regulations.  

That's why it's critical for all railroad workers to know where to seek support if they suffer injury during the normal course of their duties. The Federal Employers Liability Act allows injured train workers to sue their employers if the employer's negligence was a causal factor in a workplace accident that resulted in injury. Knowing that the FELA exists is one thing; however, navigating the injured workers' claims process is quite another.  

Railroad administrators often pull out all stops in their efforts to avoid blame when rail car collisions or other work accidents occur. Such situations often become a game of "pass the buck" where each party deemed liable tries to place blame on someone else. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration often steps in to investigate such matters to determine what exactly may have caused a particular incident.  

If litigation is filed following railroad worker injuries, it is up to the court to determine whether any party or parties should be held legally accountable, based upon the evidence presented. Cahill & Perry, P.C. Attorneys at Law, in Connecticut, are experienced in helping injured railroad workers seek compensation for damages in court. Injuries that occur in railroad environments are often debilitating; that's why our legal team stands ready to provide compassionate service and aggressive representation to help our clients get the care they need and the justice they deserve. 

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