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Railroad worker injuries included a fatality in recent tragedy

Connecticut railroads are dangerous places as are all other rail systems across the nation. Railroad worker injuries often result through human error, system malfunctions or employer negligence. In fact, a recent tragedy occurred in another state that left one young worker in serious condition. His colleague did not survive the accident.  

Local deputies were called to the scene after two trains reportedly collided. A locomotive and several freight cars derailed. The man in serious condition is a 26-year old employee of the railroad. Another worker, age 63, was killed in the sudden collision. The younger worker was transported by helicopter to a hospital equipped to handle his needs. 

Officials say one of the trains involved in the crash sustained much damage. The locomotive that derailed reportedly came to a halt in an upright position. As per protocol where a crash has resulted in injury to a worker or passenger, an investigation into the events leading up to the collision has been launched.  

Those surviving railroad worker injuries in Connecticut can take comfort in knowing that various types of support networks are in place to help them navigate their recoveries. From medical teams who can help treat their conditions and provide post-accident therapies to experienced advocates who can address the legal aspects of their situations, workers may tap into available resources to help them achieve as full recoveries as possible. Situations like the one mentioned in this particular post often lead to litigation when someone's negligence is determined as a causal factor.  

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