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June 2018 Archives

How well do you understand the FELA process?

You may be one of many Connecticut railroad employees who come from a long line of railroad workers in your family. Perhaps your father, grandfather or even great grandfather worked in the same industry. In fact, their stories may have ignited the first sparks of interest that led you to follow the same employment path even though your loved ones may have told you how dangerous work on the railroad was for them. 

Railroad worker injuries included a fatality in recent tragedy

Connecticut railroads are dangerous places as are all other rail systems across the nation. Railroad worker injuries often result through human error, system malfunctions or employer negligence. In fact, a recent tragedy occurred in another state that left one young worker in serious condition. His colleague did not survive the accident.  

Behind-the-scene problems may lead to railroad accidents

Connecticut railroad workers, like all railroad employees in the nation, face certain inherent risks every day on the job. Some say there have been things going on behind the scenes of many railroad companies that have not only added to those risks but perhaps have led to an increase in railroad accidents. Two major factors with which railroad worker advocates are concerned are precision railroading and budget cuts.  

Railroad worker injuries: Know where to seek support

What do the terms electrocution, spinal injuries, asbestos-related cancer and wrongful death have in common? Sadly, each of these phrases refers to tragedies often experienced in the railroad industry in Connecticut and beyond. Railroad worker injuries continue to occur regardless of how many updates or changes are made in safety regulations.  

Railroad accidents and dangerous crossings often intersect

Many residents in a state outside of Connecticut are concerned about the recent re-opening of a railroad crossing. Crossings are often the scenes of railroad accidents, and some seem to be more dangerous than others. At the railroad crossing in question, there was a fatal accident back in February.