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Fatal railroad worker injuries especially tragic

No one has to tell Connecticut railroad employees how dangerous train work can be. In fact, railroad work is often ranked high among most dangerous jobs in the nation. Any on-the-job injury is unfortunate; however, railroad worker injuries that prove fatal are always especially devastating.  

Any number of things can go wrong that cause railroad mishaps to occur. In recent months, several news stories have told of disasters, such as head-on train collisions and derailments that have sent many workers and passengers to hospitals for emergency treatment of their injuries. Sadly, recent incident resulted in one man's death. 

The 39-year-old man was employed in another state as a train conductor. On a recent Tuesday morning, he was involved in a train accident. The worker was found unresponsive at the scene. Immediate transport to a local hospital was provided, but the injured railroad worker was pronounced dead upon arrival. When sudden death occurs in the on the job at a railroad, it not only impacts families of victims' but co-workers and employers as well.

As is the case with all train accidents and railroad worker injuries, an investigation regarding the incident was initiated. Such situations often lead to policy or regulation changes, especially if railroad administrators are cited for safety violations. In Connecticut railroad accidents as well as those in other states, nothing can replace the loss of human life. Immediate family members can, however, seek benefits through the FELA process to help them bear the financial burdens associated with their loved ones' deaths.   

Source:, "Randolph man dies in accident with train", Deb Brazil, March 27, 2018

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