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When railroad worker injuries lead to permanent disability

Working on a Connecticut railroad can be very dangerous. Then again, even if one's work for a railroad is behind a desk in an office, there may still be a risk for personal injury. For instance, many railroad worker injuries involve repetitive stress symptoms that develop over time from performing the same motion or holding the same posture for extended periods of time on a frequent basis.

Other injuries occur in much more acute situations, such as in derailments or other accidents on the tracks. Equipment sometimes fails or officials neglect to provide appropriate training, ultimately resulting in worker injury when things go wrong. In any type of railroad injury situation, workers may tap into Federal Employers Liability Act resources to seek recovery for their losses. This is different from the workers' compensation process, which generally prohibits employees from suing their employers for personal liability.

Electrocution, burns or other catastrophic injuries often occur on the railroad as well. Whether a worker's injury is moderate or severe, the aftermath may include temporary or permanent time off work. Such situations often bear undue financial hardships on families who are already struggling to meet expenses associated with the injuries suffered.

The FELA protects such workers by allowing them to pursue justice in civil court. When railroad worker injuries are directly related to employer negligence, there is no reason injured workers should carry serious financial strains into their futures. A Connecticut attorney well-versed in FELA regulations can provide guidance and support to a railroad worker wishing to file a personal injury claim because an on-the-job incident.

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