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Train yards common site of railroad worker injuries

Employers who oversee railroad systems throughout Connecticut are obligated to fulfill their responsibilities to keep workers as safe as possible on the job. This typically includes informing workers of possible workplace hazards as well as providing appropriate training and safety equipment to help them avoid injury. A railroad employee in another state has filed a lawsuit against his employer, citing employer negligence as a causal factor in the incident that resulted in his injury.

The worker suffered injury to his back and leg when he tripped over an obstruction in the railroad yard. He is suing his employer, alleging that the employer failed in the duty to provide a safe working environment. The worker's legal claim also states that lighting in the particular area where the injury occurred was very poor.

Generally speaking, it is logical to assume that railroad employers' duties to maintain safe working environments would include regular inspection of premises to check for obstructions on the ground or any other potential hazard that could cause employees to be injured. The injured worker in this case has requested a jury trial. He is also seeking $50,000 in recovery.

Many railroad worker injuries in Connecticut and beyond result in permanent disabilities, preventing employees from returning to their duties. Such situations often bring undue financial strain to families who may struggle to make ends meet when injured family members are no longer able to work. An attorney experienced in the Federal Employers Liability Act process can assist any injured railroad worker considering filing a claim against an employer.

Source:, "Railroad worker sues common carrier over trip, fall", Lhalie Castillo, Feb. 28, 2018

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