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Taking needless chances can result in railroad accidents

When accidents involving trains occur in Connecticut or any other state, investigations are launched to answer specific questions. These questions try to determine who or what may have caused the incidents, as well as what can be done to prevent similar railroad accidents from occurring in the future. Many times, investigators determine that negligence was the underlying factor in a particular train wreck. In fact, that's what they are saying about a recent crash between a train and a truck.

A CSX train was reportedly traveling in a southbound direction on a recent Tuesday when the collision occurred. The train and tanker truck collided, and two CSX crewmembers were injured upon impact. A preliminary investigation stated that the driver of the tanker truck may have been trying to beat the train when the two crashed.

The workers who were injured were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. The nature of their injuries was respiratory, having to do with the 4,000 gallons of hydrochloric acid the tanker truck was hauling at the time. The truck driver was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital with severe injuries as well. Residents of the surrounding area were evacuated from their homes, some complaining of sore throats and coughs.

Workers injured in railroad accidents often use the FELA process to seek recovery for their losses. However, this system can be complicated to navigate. Connecticut workers with questions about the process or in need of clarification about certain laws or regulations that may impact a particular case can reach out for support from an experienced railroad law attorney.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, "Train Collides With Truck Hauling Hydrochloric Acid, 3 Injured", March 6, 2018

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