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March 2018 Archives

Has your long-time railroad employment resulted in injury?

For various reasons, railroad work ranks high on lists of most dangerous jobs in the nation. It's no secret that traveling down railroad tracks at high speeds on a moving locomotive leaves room for any number of tragedies to occur at any time. However, even if you don't work directly on a train (perhaps your railroad job is behind a desk), there may be danger lurking in your workplace of which you're unaware. 

Railroad accidents often impact whole communities

Any Connecticut worker who has ever been involved an on-the-job accident understands the long-lasting effects such incidents can have on those involved as well as on anyone who happened to witness the accident as it occurred. Where railroad accidents are concerned, sometimes, the noise of a crash can be heard for great distances. A couple in another state recently experienced the fright of such things when they heard an explosion while watching TV at home.

When railroad worker injuries lead to permanent disability

Working on a Connecticut railroad can be very dangerous. Then again, even if one's work for a railroad is behind a desk in an office, there may still be a risk for personal injury. For instance, many railroad worker injuries involve repetitive stress symptoms that develop over time from performing the same motion or holding the same posture for extended periods of time on a frequent basis.

Taking needless chances can result in railroad accidents

When accidents involving trains occur in Connecticut or any other state, investigations are launched to answer specific questions. These questions try to determine who or what may have caused the incidents, as well as what can be done to prevent similar railroad accidents from occurring in the future. Many times, investigators determine that negligence was the underlying factor in a particular train wreck. In fact, that's what they are saying about a recent crash between a train and a truck.

Train yards common site of railroad worker injuries

Employers who oversee railroad systems throughout Connecticut are obligated to fulfill their responsibilities to keep workers as safe as possible on the job. This typically includes informing workers of possible workplace hazards as well as providing appropriate training and safety equipment to help them avoid injury. A railroad employee in another state has filed a lawsuit against his employer, citing employer negligence as a causal factor in the incident that resulted in his injury.