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Railroad disability benefits can help pay bills if you can't work

Whether you work on a Connecticut railroad as an engineer, conductor or lineman, or you have clerical position in an office, any number of problems may arise that render you incapable of carrying out your workplace duties. For instance, you may suffer an illness or injury on the job. Sometimes pregnancy complications or other health conditions can cause temporary disability among workers. Railroad disability benefits are meant to provide financial supplement to workers in such circumstances.

Typically, such benefits are paid bi-weekly. As with most benefits programs, there are eligibility requirements that must first be fulfilled in order for you to apply. One prerequisite is that you must not be receiving any wages from your employer at the time.

If you happen to be collecting payments from a personal insurance package, it should not affect your ability to collect railroad disability benefits. If you plan to apply for such benefits, you will need to get a written statement from your physician to substantiate your claim. Filing your application in a timely manner can help you obtain the maximum amount of benefits available; to do so, you'll want to submit your application within 10 days of your injury or onset of illness.

Railroad disability benefits are considered liens against any compensation you may receive through jury verdict or settlement regarding a personal injury claim filed against your employer or a third party. Cahill & Perry, P.C., Attorneys at Law in Connecticut, are fully prepared to assist you in all aspects of railroad injury or disability claims. Acting alongside experienced legal representation often helps expedite the claims process.

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