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February 2018 Archives

Let's talk about the FELA

The history of the railroad in the United States dates back to the 1800s. Since then, thousands of people, perhaps yourself and maybe even some of your family members included, have earned their livings as linemen, engineers, conductors and other workers on the tracks and in offices behind the scenes. As a current railroad employee, you've likely heard of the Federal Employers Liability Act although you may not realize how critical it is to your protection.

Military veteran suffers serious railroad worker injuries

An Amtrak worker injured on the job in January has a long history of public service. He spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy and served his community as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician. He has also coached several of his sons' sports teams. Sadly, the same man now lies in a hospital bed after suffering life-threatening railroad worker injuries.

Railroad disability benefits can help pay bills if you can't work

Whether you work on a Connecticut railroad as an engineer, conductor or lineman, or you have clerical position in an office, any number of problems may arise that render you incapable of carrying out your workplace duties. For instance, you may suffer an illness or injury on the job. Sometimes pregnancy complications or other health conditions can cause temporary disability among workers. Railroad disability benefits are meant to provide financial supplement to workers in such circumstances.

Employee says railroad worker injury caused permanent disability

A man who worked for Union Pacific Railroad has sued his employers under the Federal Employers Liability Act. His claim states that he suffered permanent disability from a railroad worker injury that could have likely been prevented were it not for his employers' negligence. The man reportedly suffered kidney damage after working with a spiker machine. Connecticut railroad workers may want to follow this case.

Poor lighting may increase chances for railroad accidents

For Connecticut railway workers and passengers alike, there are always risks involved with train travel. Several serious railroad accidents have occurred in recent years, including a tragedy in another state on a recent Sunday. Sadly, two railroad workers died in the incident and as many as 100 other people suffered injuries.