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Know how to protect yourself if you're injured on the railroad

You might be one of many Connecticut railroad workers whose dream of working with trains began in childhood. Perhaps you come from a family where railroad work spans across several generations. Working on the railroad can be a rewarding experience; it's also one of the most dangerous types of work as well.

If you are currently recovering from injuries you suffered at work on the railroad, hopefully, you have access to various resources that can formulate a strong support network during your recuperation period and beyond, if necessary. From a legal point of view, if employer negligence was a causal factor in the accident that resulted in your injuries, you may also want to brush up on your knowledge of the Federal Employers Liability Act.

Protection for railroad employees different from workers' compensation

Since the early 1900s, FELA has existed to provide means for injured railroad workers to seek justice against any employer identified as liable for their injuries. The following information explains more about the process as well as where to seek guidance if you're considering filing a claim in court:

  • The burden of proof is on the plaintiff in all personal injury lawsuits. If you are seeking legal accountability against your employer, you'll need to be able to show a direct correlation between his or her negligence and your resulting injury. This is often easier said than done, which is why most recovering accident victims reach out for support from experienced attorneys before heading to court.
  • FELA can help you recover lost wages you would have earned at the time of the accident, leading up to the trial.
  • Damages for which you may seek compensation vary but often include things like lost potential earnings, medical expenses and emotional pain and suffering.
  • You may not seek punitive damages under FELA regulations.

As you likely already know, it's very important to report your injuries on the railroad as soon as possible after an accident occurs. There is a statute of limitations from the time you are injured to the time you must file your claim. Under FELA regulations, the time frame is three years.

Seeking help with your claim

Many Connecticut railroad workers are able to recover their losses by relying on experienced attorneys who are familiar with FELA and the railroad injury claims process.

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