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Stats re railroad accidents mark one crossing highly dangerous

Working on the railroad or traveling by train can be risky at times. Connecticut is no stranger to railroad accidents, which often cause catastrophic injuries to those involved. Another state, however, has been included on a list of the most dangerous railroad crossings in the nation.

Over the span of three decades, there have been 34 major train crashes at this particular crossroads. A railroad safety analyst said the crossing is in good standing regarding compliance with federal regulations. The problem seems to stem, however, from various topographical issues in the surrounding area.

The Ohio railroad crossing happens to be at a point along the road where there is a sudden rise in elevation. This, along with the fact that the crossing is surrounded by trees, brush and industrial buildings, creates serious visibility problems. Some have suggested that installing signs well before locomotives approach the hill might help. 

Others have suggested installation of traffic lights, as some other states have done to avoid railroad accidents. Connecticut residents and railroad workers are advised to proceed with caution at all times when utilizing the nation's railway systems. If injury occurs as a result of a train crash, a personal injury attorney can provide guidance regarding the claims process if a particular accident victim chooses to pursue compensation for damages in court. Those who work on the railroad are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act with the right to seek legal accountability against their employers if negligence was a causal factor in their injuries.

Source:, "Cleveland railroad crossing one of the most dangerous in the country", Joe Pagonakis, Oct. 31, 2017

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