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Protection for workers injured in railroad accidents

Working on a Connecticut railroad (or one in any other state in the nation) can be extremely dangerous. In fact, railroad work is often considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. Any train worker, from a lineman to a conductor or engineer, is at risk for injury, especially if proper training is not provided or employers fail to adhere to railroad safety regulations. Railroad accidents often result in catastrophic injuries; that's why it's important for workers and their families to understand the Federal Employers Liability Act.

FELA protects injured railroad workers with the right to file personal injury lawsuits against their employers if employer negligence is believed to be a causal factor in a particular incident. Employees in most other industries are often eligible for workers' compensation but are not able to file personal injury claims against their employers. However, navigating the FELA process can be stressful. Any number of obstacles can arise that may delay or impede an injured worker's ability to obtain compensation for damages in court.

This is why most injured workers depend on experienced legal representation. An attorney, especially one well versed in FELA regulations, can help keep stress to a minimum as a worker pursues justice following a railroad mishap. The recovery period following severe injuries, such as burns, brain or spinal cord injuries, etc., can be long and arduous. 

Cahill & Perry, P.C., Attorneys at Law, are fully prepared to assist you with all your FELA process needs. If you have questions regarding the legal process for filing claims following railroad accidents, you may request a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys. One of our main goals is to help injured Connecticut railroad workers achieve economic recovery for their losses following serious railway collisions.

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