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One state has been site of nation's worst railroad accidents

By and large, Connecticut railroad travel is considered safe, so long as everyone from start to finish adheres to national railroad safety regulations. As with all forms of motorized travel, however, there is always a risk for personal injury when working on or riding as a passenger on any of the nation's railway systems. Some areas seem more prone to railroad accidents than others are.

In fact, several of the nation's worst train wrecks have occurred in a state about three hours from here. In one such incident in 2016, not only did a train collision result in a fatality for a woman who was walking through the train station at the time, but more than 100 other people also suffered injuries in the crash. In that particular accident, the train had inexplicably sped up as it entered the station. The incident remains under investigation at this time.

Another disaster also took place in the same state, New Jersey. It happened several decades ago and was later determined to have been caused by teenagers who tampered with a track switch. In that accident, the engineer of the train died.

The after effects of train collisions are often far reaching into the future. Seeking recovery for losses in court is often a means a step toward closure and justice for injured railroad workers. Workers injured in railroad accidents are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act, which allows them to file personal injury claims against those deemed negligent for their injuries. Any Connecticut worker with questions regarding the process of filing such a claim may seek answers by meeting with an experienced railroad injury attorney.

Source:, "The deadliest train crashes in New Jersey history", Larry Higgs, Nov. 27, 2017

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