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Sudden impact or repeated stress re railroad worker injuries

Those who work on Connecticut railroads often perform the same duties every day. Others have jobs where tasks and schedules fluctuate. In either circumstance, there are typically good days and bad days; bad ones often arise when railroad worker injuries occur. Achieving full recovery often hinges upon the knowledge an injured worker had ahead of time regarding the types of injuries common to railroad workers and where to turn for help when needed.

Sadly, many railroad accidents are fatal. However, it's often a relief to grieving families when they learn that they are able to seek wrongful death accountability against their deceased loved ones' employers when negligence is deemed to have been a causal factor in their family members' deaths. This is because the Federal Employers Liability Act allows railroad workers injured by employer negligence to file personal injury claims in civil court (a process not typically available to workers in other industries).

Railroad workers suffering from a repetitive stress injury (also common among railroad employees) or a particular injury following an electrical accident, a fall or blunt force trauma after being hit by a moving vehicle may also pursue recovery for their losses in court when negligence was a causal factor in their injuries. The physical side of the recovery process following railroad injuries is often quite challenging. In fact, many injured workers suffer partial or full permanent disabilities as a result of their accidents.

At Cahill & Perry, P.C. Attorneys at Law in Connecticut, we provide services that can help alleviate recovery stress by acting on our clients' behalves in court and allowing them more time to focus on healing at home. If you need information regarding the civil justice system as it pertains to railroad worker injuries, you may request a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys. We are fully prepared to help you seek maximum recovery for your losses.

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