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Can oil and leaves on tracks cause railroad accidents?

Some people say so. In fact, a man who was working for a railroad in another state claims that was a key factor that caused a terrible two-locomotive collision in which he was involved. As in this instance, railroad accidents in Connecticut and beyond often lead to litigation, as employees are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act in their ability to sue their employers when injuries occur due to negligence.

This particular accident occurred in 2014. The man who has filed a lawsuit against his employers was working as an engineer on a freight train. His train was apparently called in to assist a passenger train that had become stalled on its tracks.

Things definitely didn't go as planned, however, when, instead of being able to help the passenger train, the freight train collided with it. More than 12 people suffered injuries in the crash. The plaintiff in the current litigation has stated that there were leaves, oil and other residue on the tracks that created a highly dangerous situation, and the accident may have been avoidable had the railroad employers not been negligent in their responsibilities to maintain a safe working environment on the tracks.

Railroad officials say the accident was caused by the train crew's failure to communicate properly and also failure to adhere to travel regulations. The former engineer not only suffered many bodily injuries, including those to his neck, knees and head, but he also now reportedly suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to the accident. Connecticut railroad accidents often prevent workers from returning to their duties. Anyone facing financial challenges due to such circumstances may enlist the help of an experienced attorney to try to rectify the situation.

Source:, "Engineer Sues Arkansas and Missouri Railroad after Crash", Curt Lanning, July 11, 2017

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