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June 2017 Archives

Amtrak service often affected by railroad accidents

Railroad work is definitely among jobs at risk for injury; in fact, many consider it one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. Connecticut railroad workers may relate to the devastation often caused to employees and families when railroad accidents occur. While Amtrak service is generally considered safe, the rail company has had its share of serious collisions over the years. 

Navigating the aftermath of railroad worker injuries

Getting injured on the job in Connecticut is more likely in some industries than others. Working on the railroad ranks high on lists naming most dangerous jobs in the nation. Knowing where to turn for support when railroad worker injuries occur is a key factor in achieving the fullest recoveries possible.

Railroad worker injuries often lead to litigation

There's a difference between working on a railroad and other jobs, such as construction, agriculture or industrial, when it comes to obtaining recovery after workplace accidents. Most Connecticut residents are familiar with the workers' compensation program that provides benefits to employees injured on the job to help pay medical expenses and replace lost wages. Such benefits do not exist for those who work on the railroad because injured railroad workers can actually sue their employers for negligence in a civil court.

Where to seek support following railroad worker injuries

Traveling by train in Connecticut and throughout the nation remains a popular form of vehicular navigation. A successful train operation includes the people behind the scenes who work long hours and put forth much effort to maintain locomotive safety and efficiency. When railroad worker injuries occur due to accidents on the tracks or in some other aspect of the industry, it's important for injured employees to know where to turn for help.