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Tracking paths to recovery after railroad accidents

Many Connecticut travelers choose commercial trains as their modes of transportation. Others not only ride the railroad on vacation but make their livings working there as well. There may be many perks to working on a railroad; still, this type of work continues to rank high on lists of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. When railroad accidents occur, the road to recovery may physically, emotionally and financially challenging.

Many people do not realize that railroad workers' on-the-job injuries are not covered by workers' compensation insurance. This is because the Federal Employers Liability Act is a source of remedy that allows an injured railroad employee to sue an employer for negligence. As most know, workers' compensation insurance protects employers from personal liability lawsuits.

FELA claims may be filed at both state and federal levels of law. FELA allows injured railroad workers to recover damages beyond economic losses, often including those associated with emotional pain and suffering. Neither the negligence of a fellow employee nor any assumed risk on the part of an injured worker prevents recovery under FELA.

Such laws are complex and often difficult for the average railroad worker to understand without seeking clarification through experienced guidance. Cahill & Perry, P.C., is fully prepared to address all aspects of FELA-related problems for workers in Connecticut injured in railroad accidents. Such injuries are often quite severe, and they may prevent a worker from returning to his or her duties for an extended time, or permanently. Obtaining assistance to make sure all available options are accessed to obtain any benefits to which an injured worker may be entitled is often essential to achieving as full a recovery as possible.

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