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Aging equipment can lead to dangerous railroad accidents

Passenger trains have been a popular means of transportation for individuals in Connecticut and elsewhere for many years. Individuals who live in areas of heavily congested traffic often rely on trains to reach their destinations on time. The workers who operate these trains generally have demanding schedules intended to ensure customers aren't disappointed. Recent issues with similar modes of travel have raised concerns regarding safety and a possible need to take precautions to reduce the chance of railroad accidents.

Recently in a neighboring state, issues with derailments have caused serious delays in schedules at a major rail hub. These accidents are reportedly the result of older equipment that has yet to be replaced. Although delays can be troublesome, the biggest issue among similar incidents is the safety of passengers and railroad employees alike.

Railroad companies may have several available options to increase the safety of trains. Installing controls to assist in navigation and speed at certain areas may be a step in the right direction , but these companies might also want to focus on regular inspections of train wheels and tracks to identify and rectify any problematic areas. Certain cities are also considering the implementation of high-speed rails, which will likely make these inspections more crucial than ever.

Railroad accidents are often serious incidents that can endanger the safety of workers, passengers and everyone involved. If a company is found negligent in the maintenance and/or replacement of aging equipment, resulting in a dangerous accident, employees who are injured in the process may choose to seek restitution accordingly. When facing a similar situation, a railroad worker in Connecticut might speak with an attorney for assistance in pursuing the full amount of compensation to which he or she is entitled to receive.

Source:, "All the ways we could make trains safer and smarter", Kate Baggaley, May 8, 2017

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