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Injuries from railroad accidents and working for the railroads

Most people here in Connecticut and elsewhere associate work injuries with one-time events. True, many injuries occur due to railroad accidents, and they are often work-related. However, some injuries occur over your time working for the railroads, which could present a challenge when proving they are work-related, but it is possible.

For instance, repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel develop over time, yet can still be considered work-related. In addition, you may work around asbestos fibers or other toxic substances. Exposure to asbestos can lead to mesothelioma, and exposure to toxic substances causes several types of cancer. Since it could take years for these illnesses to manifest, proving they are related to your work could require the help of an attorney, along with medical professionals.

Of course, sudden injuries suffered in accidents still require evidence and proper documentation. In both cases, an investigation should be done to gather what you need in order to bolster your claim under the Federal Employer's Liability Act. Railroad workers do not receive compensation for their work-related injuries through Connecticut's workers' compensation system, but instead through FELA.

Due to the complexities of many railroad accidents and work-related health conditions, it would be beneficial for you to consult with an attorney who routinely handles claims under FELA. Since the process vastly differs from workers' compensation, attorneys in that field might not be able to adequately assist you with your claim. You deserve the largest amount of compensation possible for your injuries -- especially if they left you permanently disabled or substantially reduced your lifespan.

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