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February 2017 Archives

Railroad worker injuries result from railyard collision

Because of the extreme danger of working around trains, laws and regulations regarding railroad employees differ from those of most other workplaces. Railroad worker injuries are often catastrophic and permanent, and safety standards are high in railyards. When an accident occurs in Connecticut or elsewhere, it often makes headlines and involves painstaking investigation to determine the root cause and prevent such accidents from recurring. A recent accident in another state resulted in passenger and railroad worker injuries.

Worker killed in accident at New York railroad station

When people think of accidents involving railroad workers, they often think of accidents involving train crashes and collisions. However, workers can be injured even when a train isn't even moving. A recent accident in New York was a tragic reminder of this.

Railroad workers: know your risk for asbestos-related illnesses

The risks associated with asbestos exposure have been know for many years now. In response to these risks, federal and state agencies have put in place numerous regulations intended to protect people from toxic exposure, and many companies have strict guidelines in place for handling and disposing of asbestos-containing materials.

The FELA and your rights as an injured railroad worker

Recently, a federal judge sent a case involving a lawsuit against a railroad company back to state court. The judge originally cited insufficient facts and stated that the claimant lacked a clear basis for legal action under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). However, after allowing the claimant to amend his complaint, the judge sent the case back to state court.