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Fatal railroad worker injuries after switching mishap

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating a recent incident that resulted in tragedy on a railroad line in another state. Connecticut has been the scene of fatal railroad worker injuries like this in the past. The OSHA investigation is a common procedure when a workplace fatality has occurred on the railroad.  

Fatal railroad worker injuries especially tragic

No one has to tell Connecticut railroad employees how dangerous train work can be. In fact, railroad work is often ranked high among most dangerous jobs in the nation. Any on-the-job injury is unfortunate; however, railroad worker injuries that prove fatal are always especially devastating.  

Has your long-time railroad employment resulted in injury?

For various reasons, railroad work ranks high on lists of most dangerous jobs in the nation. It's no secret that traveling down railroad tracks at high speeds on a moving locomotive leaves room for any number of tragedies to occur at any time. However, even if you don't work directly on a train (perhaps your railroad job is behind a desk), there may be danger lurking in your workplace of which you're unaware. 

When railroad worker injuries lead to permanent disability

Working on a Connecticut railroad can be very dangerous. Then again, even if one's work for a railroad is behind a desk in an office, there may still be a risk for personal injury. For instance, many railroad worker injuries involve repetitive stress symptoms that develop over time from performing the same motion or holding the same posture for extended periods of time on a frequent basis.

Train yards common site of railroad worker injuries

Employers who oversee railroad systems throughout Connecticut are obligated to fulfill their responsibilities to keep workers as safe as possible on the job. This typically includes informing workers of possible workplace hazards as well as providing appropriate training and safety equipment to help them avoid injury. A railroad employee in another state has filed a lawsuit against his employer, citing employer negligence as a causal factor in the incident that resulted in his injury.

Military veteran suffers serious railroad worker injuries

An Amtrak worker injured on the job in January has a long history of public service. He spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy and served his community as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician. He has also coached several of his sons' sports teams. Sadly, the same man now lies in a hospital bed after suffering life-threatening railroad worker injuries.

Employee says railroad worker injury caused permanent disability

A man who worked for Union Pacific Railroad has sued his employers under the Federal Employers Liability Act. His claim states that he suffered permanent disability from a railroad worker injury that could have likely been prevented were it not for his employers' negligence. The man reportedly suffered kidney damage after working with a spiker machine. Connecticut railroad workers may want to follow this case.

Railroad worker injuries blamed on inadequate inspections

It's logical to assume most Connecticut railroad workers started the new year hoping that 2018 would bring them much success in their careers and that they would stay safe as they carry out their tasks and duties on the job. Sadly, the new year did not begin that way for a man in another state who suffered injuries when a mishap occurred while he was on duty. The Federal Employers Liability Act protects railroad workers and covers all aspects of obtaining compensation associated with railroad worker injuries, and this victim has apparently asserted his rights to pursue compensation by filing a legal claim.

Will new brake system prevent railroad worker injuries?

Many Connecticut railroad workers and their families were saddened to learn about a recent derailment that took place in another state. There were several fatalities involved and news of the tragedy reaffirmed opinions that system and equipment upgrades and reforms are needed to prevent further railroad worker injuries and hazards to passengers. In fact, some say the automatic braking system that was installed in the locomotive that careened off its tracks may have helped avert the collision if only it had been activated.

Railroad worker injuries lead to post derailment litigation

An Amtrak train derailed in another state, which resulted in injuries to several people. Connecticut railroad workers and those who travel by train may want to pay close attention to a claim that has been filed against the railroad. Railroad worker injuries that lead to litigation are governed by the Federal Employers Liability Act.